Christopher Demetrakos is the architect of PsyCom®, a neuroscience-based model and framework that reads psychological traits of audience clusters, empowering clients and agencies to create cognitively resonant communication, which appeals to consumers in a comfortable way, greatly increasing the probability they will take action.

Christopher is a PhD candidate in neuroscience at Chuo University in Tokyo, and the founder/CEO of Manzanita K.K. (, a Tokyo-based psychtech company that applies PsyCom® to marketing via the AxiomTree® technology platform.

He was one of two Westerners to be accepted in the 20th Century to Dentsu, the world’s largest single ad agency. Christopher’s first book: PsyCom - The Third Major Evolution of Advertising, will be released at the end of 2022. @demetrakos |

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Christopher Demetrakos

Neuroscientist, architect of PsyCom®, a model that reads psych traits of audience clusters, used to trigger consumer decision. Founder & CEO of